Coming Out Day: We Contain Multitudes

There is no one way to be bi+: each person’s story is unique. This Coming Out Day, here are some of my favourite stories that bi+ women have shared.

A woman with a shaved topknot hairstyle, outdoors on a balcony with plants in the background, smiling and looking to the right, wearing a blue floral patterned dress and gold hoop earrings.

Please label me

It took me years to learn that the only rule of “how to look queer” is “do you”.

A woman looks through some open curtains to sunshine. She has her back to us and is silhouetted against the light.

25 things to try when everything is awful

Today, this week, this month, this year, this decade, this century is tough, huh? Here are 25 things that I find helpful when the 2020 of everything feels overwhelming.