“It’s just a phase…”

The Phase is a site dedicated to the voices and thoughts of bi+ UK-based women and non-binary people. We define bi+ as experiencing attraction to more than one gender. We want to create a space for ourselves and people like us to share stories and ideas with a wider audience, and to try to bridge the gap between personal blogging and huge, international publications.

The Phase is a place for us to share stories, enthuse about the things we love, take deep dives into the murky waters of popular culture, and generally have fun in our own happy place on the internet where, to quote queen Taylor Swift, “you can want who you want – boys and boys and girls and girls” (or anyone else!). Our name is a reclamation of the idea that bi, pan or otherwise fluid queer identities are sometimes dismissed – by others but also by our own brains – as “just a phase”.

But who are you though?

We are Ellie (Western Australian) and Jodie (East Anglian), two London-based pals who have too much to say and have run out of people IRL to talk to, apparently. But aside from that, we are both people who came to understand our queerness in the latter half of our twenties and discovered that put us in a much larger gang than either of us imagined. The dual narratives of compulsory heterosexuality and the more typical coming out stories where people talk of being aware they were queer from a very young age leave many of us feeling like we don’t quite fit anywhere and must have misunderstood what it means when, just as a totally random example, Wonder Woman is released and we feel weird about Gal Gadot, or we watch the United States win the World Cup and find ourselves daydreaming about Megan Rapinoe’s smile for weeks. Ahem…

Ellie Wilson, co-founder

I’m a features and lifestyle journalist of six years’ experience. I spent 18 months in 2017-18 writing profiles of businessmen and I haven’t written about a single man since. Thanks to formative obsessions with both Lord of the Rings and Anne of Green Gables, I like my entertainment wholesome, gay and overly invested in trees.

I’m bisexual, white, cis?, middle-class and have no diagnosed disabilities, pronouns she/her.

You can see my previous work at elliewilsonwrites.com and find me on Twitter @writative.

An image of Jodie

Jodie Manning, co-founder

Hello! My pronouns are she/her and I am an enthusiastic opinion-haver, mostly-amateur writer, once-published poet, and the person who makes 99% of the Taylor Swift references on The Phase. And I’m Not Sorry. (That was a semi-Taylor Swift reference.)

I’m also a white, cis, non-disabled, middle class person living in *gestures around* this place, so I am likely to mess up a lot, but I’m working on it. And I am sorry.

If you like the sound of our vibes and feel like you have something to say we’d be genuinely delighted to hear from you – check out our Write for us page and get in touch!